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We hold a range of products in stock in our warehouse.

Please contact our sales team to place an order either by phone:

01536 761155 or by email:

These are:

  • Aggregate sacks
  • Bale bags
  • Clear polypropylene bags

  • Clear permanent self-seal bags
  • Crop film
  • Mailing bags
  • Rubble sacks

Aggregate sacks

We hold a stock of 25kg and 40kg plain aggregate sacks. They are low slip, clear polythene and supplied in minimum quantities of 10,000 bags (1 pallet).

Mailing bags

The T range are grey opaque super strength self-seal despatch sacks, printed with a warning notice, are co-extruded; contain 80% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

Our Polysure range comes in a variety of sizes, as detailed below:
ReferenceBox QuantitySize
T01P1,000250mm x 300mm +40mm lip
T05P1,000300mm x 350mm + 40mm lip
T10P500350mm x 400mm + 40mm lip
T15P500400mm x 525mm + 40mm lip
T20P200525mm x 600mm + 40mm lip
T25P200600mm x 700mm + 40mm lip
T30P150700mm x 800mm + 40mm lip
T90P100830mm x 1050mm + 60mm lip
We can also supply bespoke products available upon request.

Clear permanent self-seal bags

Our FP range consists of high clarity 35 micron clear LDPE permanent self-seal bags with a printed warning.

Please see the table below for quantities and sizes:
FP11,000180x210mm + 50mm lip
FP21,000230x380mm + 50mm lip
FP31,000280x360mm + 50mm lip
FP41,000315x460mm + 50mm lip
FP5250510x760mm + 30/60mm bottom gusset + 100mm lip
FP6500400x640mm + 100mm lip

Clear polypropylene bags

The D-range are high clarity 45 micron polypropylene bags with a resealable strip, 10 language printed warning and perforations. They are ideal for packing clothing etc.

Please see the table below for quantities and sizes:
ReferenceBox QuantitySize
D024,000140x210mm+40mm lip
D042,000165x190mm+50mm lip
D062,000180x260mm+50mm lip
D082,000240x170mm+50mm lip
D121,000220x310mm+50mm lip
D141,000240x380mm+50mm lip
D161,000255x390mm+50mm lip
D181,000285x310mm+50mm lip
D201,000300x400mm+50mm lip
D221,000325x440mm+60mm lip
D241,000350x440mm+60mm lip
D261,000490x400mm+60mm lip
D281,000400x640mm+100mm lip

Crop film

We stock four LDPE crop films. These are as follows:
Black1400 x 600 x 502-3 seasons
Black1600 x 600 x 502-3 seasons
Black1800 x 600 x 502-3 seasons
White lettuce film1450 x 400 x 3570mm perforations
The films can be ordered in rolls or pallets (20 rolls per pallet).

Bale Bags

Bale bags measuring 430x755x1230mm in low slip film are held in stock and can be ordered in multiples of 200.

Rubble Sacks

Black rubble sacks in either 95 or 110 micron are held ex-stock. The bags measure 510x737mm, contain recycled content and can be ordered in multiples of 100.

We also supply bespoke products upon request

For any enquiries, or to place an order, please contact our sales team either by phone: 01536 761155 or email: